[REVIEW] Feng Shui : ‘Breathless’

Picking up directly where first film in 2004 ended. This film is set ten years after the Feng Shui , the ‘cursed bagua’ went into possession of Lester (Martin), a jack-of-all-trades. He is willing to do every single job offered to him, even dirty and illegal works. But after the arrival of the ‘cursed bagua’ in his life, everything is about to change. But soon, he realizes that all the luck he is getting has deadly consequences. On the other hand, the previous owners of the ‘bagua’ are being drawn together by the curse. It’s as if their luck has back fired against them. Can Joy (Aquino) save them from the deadly curse of ‘Lotus Feet’ , even if the curse has spawned another force- Lotus Feet’s niece- who is also set to take more souls and start a whole new cycle of terror?

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