[REVIEW] Zootopia (Teaser Trailer)

*Logo: Artistic reproduction by Marlo Mancenido. May not be reproduced or copied without any permission. The characters and the Disney(R) logo is owned by Disney Co., the Zootopia logo here is an artistic reproduction which is subjected for cc.

The Disney Animation studios has been in its second ‘Disney Renaissance’ thanks to John Lasseter and Ed Catmull. They’ve been winning an oscar for a 2 year streak! They’ve been releasing highly receptive films since Bolt up to Big Hero 6. Sadly, the animation studio won’t be releasing a film this year as they are gearing for 2016 where they would be having 2 films. One of next year’s releases is ‘Zootopia’ which recently had its trailer released. Can Zootopia maintain Disney Animation’s oscar streak?

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