[REVIEW] Zootopia (Teaser Trailer)

*Logo: Artistic reproduction by Marlo Mancenido. May not be reproduced or copied without any permission. The characters and the Disney(R) logo is owned by Disney Co., the Zootopia logo here is an artistic reproduction which is subjected for cc.

The Disney Animation studios has been in its second ‘Disney Renaissance’ thanks to John Lasseter and Ed Catmull. They’ve been winning an oscar for a 2 year streak! They’ve been releasing highly receptive films since Bolt up to Big Hero 6. Sadly, the animation studio won’t be releasing a film this year as they are gearing for 2016 where they would be having 2 films. One of next year’s releases is ‘Zootopia’ which recently had its trailer released. Can Zootopia maintain Disney Animation’s oscar streak?

From left to right: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps

Zootopia features the amazing direction of Byron Howard (“Tangled”, “Bolt”), Rich Moore (“The Simpsons”, “Wreck it Ralph”) and Jared Bush (“Penn Zero: Part Time Hero) and the voices of Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde, a fast-talking, scam-artist fox and Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps, an optimistic officer.

Like the Big Hero 6 Teaser, this trailer doesn’t show any part of the movie. Just a separated animation that introduces the characters without their names as it is only written in the description. The trailer was narrated by Jason Bateman and features a good sense of humor. It’s great and an eye candy.

Zootopia Characters
Zootopia Characters

The trailer also offers a glimpse at the characters we’ll meet in the film. It includes a Pig, an armadillo, an elephant, a hipopotamus, a deer or a moose that is dressed like a professor, a Polar bear that looks like a rich dude, a very slow sloth, a goat with the most cliched personality in hollywood and so many more!

This just makes the teaser an appetizer for what we can expect in the movie itself and other upcoming trailers for Zootopia.


The Zootopia teaser offers humor in the most amazing ways and
delivers the perfect appetizer for the main course. Hopefully,
they’ll insert a glimpse of the city itself in the upcoming trailers.


Author: Marlo Mancenido

@schtoofeed | Writer of The Movie Authorities, Seeker of the Best | Game writer and designer | Film fanatic | A campus journalist representing Camarines Norte as part of Collab for more than 2 years.

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