[REVIEW] Vice Ganda’s Wag Kang Pabebe – ‘Wasted Potential’

Today (July 27, 2015), Star Music released the music video for Vice Ganda’s Wag Kang Pabebe which he released on ASAP 20 earlier this year. The music was met with mostly positive reaction from the public.

‘Wag Kang Pabebe’ stars a lot of stars from Vina Morales, Martin Nievera, Sarah Geronimo and others. The lyrics to this song contains normal words which make it easier. It only has one meaning, YOU SHOULD NOT BE A PABEBE. The song may have not so good lyrics but I would like to praise the beat and the instrumental composition of the song.

Obviously, the team behind this video have watched Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video or Madonna’s B*tch I’m Madonna music video which inspired them to star different celebrities to enhance the video’s demographics. The stars did their work but it just wasn’t working very well.

The video starts with Vice Ganda sitting on a mamon while wearing a coat with stuffed toys and teddy bears. The video’s graphics and production team seriously have to go to training. Because it can be seen that the video has poor editing and graphics. The concept is highly cliche and was very poor. If you would look deeply in the video, you could see the white or black lines surrounding the person. Also, I know this is a cliche among Pinoy made multimedia but still, they overdid the make up on the people in this video.

The video wasted the talents of the stars and the song. Though it may have some good parts, but still majority of it was not done well. Wasted Talent. That’s what this music video has.

Verdict: The song has an amazing instrumental composition and stars a lot of stars but the editors didn’t make up for the talents of the composer and the celebrities. Wag kang patrending.



Author: Marlo Mancenido

@schtoofeed | Writer of The Movie Authorities, Seeker of the Best | Game writer and designer | Film fanatic | A campus journalist representing Camarines Norte as part of Collab for more than 2 years.

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