[REVIEW] Silicon Valley S03E10

All good things must come to an end. And another great season of one of the best TV comedies out there. 

The episode continues and completes the season 2 arc with a satisfying ending. It started with the death of an elephant in the Hooli lot and how Gavin managed to get rid of it. But his assistant, , contradicted Gavin’s decision and was instantly fired from Hooli. She then tipped this to CJ, a blogger whose blog is owned by Erlich and Bighead. Then we saw Richard and Jared talking about the blabla Jared bought from Bangladesh. Surprisingly, both Dinesh and Gillfoyle knew about their sudden uptick in the number of active users of Pied Piper. They even offered a solution which would solve their problem if they were to be investigated about this. Erlich took the opportunity to find their Series B funding without knowing what really happened. He even found one and managed to sell CJ’s blog to Gavin to hide his wrong decision. Richard seemed to be eager about getting the series B as if they don’t, Pied Piper will likely to close and go down. However, Jared was against this as this is fraud which can cause Richard to be imprisoned. But Richard seemed to have fixed his mind about this and decided to start their meeting for their series b funding. But he suddenly stopped their meeting and decided to tell the truth which caused their funding offer to be cancelled. In the other side, Laurie Bream asked Gavin which she saw accidentally at a restaurant for a bid to buy Pied Piper. Gavin then offered a million dollars to buy Pied Piper and see its downfall. Richard was then kicked out by Erlich and decided to live with Bighead. He told Bighead about Gavin’s offer and what really happened. Then Richard and Jared went to Raviga for their final board meeting and to finalize the selling of Pied Piper. Pied Piper was then officially sold to the highest bidder which to their surprise was Bachmanity Llc. which was owned by Erlich and Bighead. In this meeting Monica lost her job as ahe disapproved of the selling. The episode ended with them on good ties and as usual, playing always blue. 
This season was by far my personal favorite. It had its ups and downs but this was really exciting and surely, even the future seasons. The story follows their usual formula which always end happily, much like the season finales of the past seasons. But it still stands out and comes out as fresh, exciting and amazing as the past finales. 
With season 3, Silicon Valley continues to prove that it is one of the best comedies in television now and will continue its reign as long as it airs on television. I, like other avid fans and viewers, am excited to where the next season will take Pied Piper into.