[REVIEW] Wonder Woman is effortlessly good

Wonder Woman may be considered as the best of DC and probably the turning point for quality of DC movies (don’t fail us Justice League) but it broke so many barriers as it graced the silver screen.

The movie starts with the history of the Amazonians and how the Gods created men and have them corrupted and fight one another. The Amazons live in an island hidden from the eyes of Ares and men. And among the Amazons is the tool left by Zeus that could kill a God.
The Battle of Themiscyra ©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Even as a child, Diana wanted to learn to fight even if her mother, the Queen of the all-women creatures, forbids her to do. Eventually with the help of her aunt, Antiope, her mother allowed her to be trained to be stronger than anyone in the island. This was proven to be true as she grew to be even more powerful than her trainer.
The island of Themyscira, though hidden in sight, was penetrated by an airplane that crashed in its seas. Diana quickly rescued the pilot, Steve Trevor but a fleet of a German army quickly followed and began disturbing the peacefulness of the island. A fight commenced between the Amazons and the Germans.
A fight among arrows and wit against the hot fired bullets from the guns of the Germans. Antiope was killed as she tried to catch the bullet heading straight for Diana.

©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Steve was interrogated with the Lasso of Truth, which by the way looked too playful at times, and was forced to tell the truth. He was an Allied spy sent to observe around the Germans. He then stole the notebook of Doctor Poison as she tests a gas that could kill humans by the order of Ludendorff, a German general.
Diana learned about the deaths of innocent people and decided to come with Steve to fight Ares, whom she believes to be Ludendorff. Diana defied the orders of her mother and went with Steve to London.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
They delivered the notebook but the Imperial War Cabinet forbid them from taking any step further that might go against the armistice that is set to commence. Steve disobeyed them and took matters into his own hands. He formed a group of people who could help them with their mission. Sir Patrick Morgan, a speaker for peace of the Imperial War Cabinet, gave them his support and paid for their trip.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
They ventured along and saved a village from the hands of Germans. Diana and Steve grew closer together developing some kind of romance between them. Despite losing her notebook, Dr. Poison managed to recreate her formula and created a gas that can make a simple human powerful.
Upon knowing of a gala to be attended by Ludendorff, Diana, Steve and the rest of their group went to the party disguised as guests. As Diana was about to kill Ludendorff, Steve halted her as it might worsen the situation.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Ludendorff then bombed the village with the powerful yet deadly gas and killed the villagers. Diana blamed Steve and went on to kill Ludendorff herself. She attacked the German camp and eventually gets to Ludendorff. They fought and Diana won.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Despite killing Ludendorff, Diana saw the war to continue despite his death. Diana didn’t want to join the fight anymore and Steve with their group, fought against the Germans to prevent the gas from spreading across London. Ares then revealed himself to be Patrick Morgan and that the Earth would be so much better if the humans were exterminated. He even influenced the decisions of the humans regarding the various stages of ther planning. Diana fought him but found herself to be weak against Ares. Ares revealed that Diana was the last child of Zeus and the weapon in which Zeus poured his last breath in.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Steve and his group fought their own fight and planned to destroy the plane carrying the deadly gas. Diana fell and temporarily experienced deafness from fighting Ares and Steve told her of his plan to aboard the plane and destroy the gas once and for all. He leaves Diana his watch and his words of endearment.
Steve boarded the plane and destroyed it in flames as it reaches the sky. Diana sees the plane burst into flames and empowered by her will, killed the other German soldiers. Ares was happy of this and even offered Diana to kill Dr. Poison. But she chose the love within humans and that they are not as terrible as Ares thought. She fights him and eventually kills him.
The war ended and in the present, Diana remains to stand by her mission of protecting the humans.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
The movie defied the cliche by not defying logic – something often neglected by films of such kind. Directed to perfection by Patty Jenkins who easily mashed the idea of superhero movies and wit. Every fight scene was choreographed in a way that even if it is constantly slow-mo-d didn’t negatively affected the scene but brought great results that adds to the experience.
Patty Jenkins not only broke the streak of terrible DC films with Wonder Woman but she also proved that the best superhero film is yet to be seen. She delivered the mythology of Wonder Woman in a manner that delivered all of the action, drama and romance while remaining heartfelt and quite different from the rest.
©Warner Bros./DC Comics
Wonder Woman have set the bar for its own genre of superhero films that brings its purpose without getting poisoned by the clichés.
It’s the perfect blend of action, wit and heart.

Author: Marlo Mancenido

@schtoofeed | Writer of The Movie Authorities, Seeker of the Best | Game writer and designer | Film fanatic | A campus journalist representing Camarines Norte as part of Collab for more than 2 years.

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