[REVIEW] Wonder Woman is effortlessly good

Wonder Woman may be considered as the best of DC and probably the turning point for quality of DC movies (don’t fail us Justice League) but it broke so many barriers as it graced the silver screen.

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My Ex and Whys – Review

Star Cinema’s 2017 Valentine’s movie is top billed by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano helmed by box-office director, Cathy Garcia-Molina. How does it fare against previous Star Cinema Valentine movies? See more as we weigh them all in.

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MMFF 2016: Collection of Reviews and Feedback (Sunday Beauty Queen)

The only documentary at this year’s film festival, Sunday Beauty Queen doesn’t need star power and veteran actresses to be engaging to the viewers.  Continue reading “MMFF 2016: Collection of Reviews and Feedback (Sunday Beauty Queen)”

[REVIEW] Descendants – ‘Below Expectations’

This year, Disney Channel released one of their most anticipated TV movies of all time, Descendants. Descendants focuses on the children of the famous Disney villains as they were given a chance to live in Auradon, a country created by Beast which united all of the heroes in Disney movies.

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[REVIEW] Zootopia (Teaser Trailer)

*Logo: Artistic reproduction by Marlo Mancenido. May not be reproduced or copied without any permission. The characters and the Disney(R) logo is owned by Disney Co., the Zootopia logo here is an artistic reproduction which is subjected for cc.

The Disney Animation studios has been in its second ‘Disney Renaissance’ thanks to John Lasseter and Ed Catmull. They’ve been winning an oscar for a 2 year streak! They’ve been releasing highly receptive films since Bolt up to Big Hero 6. Sadly, the animation studio won’t be releasing a film this year as they are gearing for 2016 where they would be having 2 films. One of next year’s releases is ‘Zootopia’ which recently had its trailer released. Can Zootopia maintain Disney Animation’s oscar streak?

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[Review] Home – ‘Seriously, Its Cute!’

Dreamworks Animation/Pacific Data Images has really put themselves into risking their company’s future with its present movies losing in the box office forcing it to make some actions including the restructing of its lineup. Supposedly released last year (its spot was replaced with Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar), Home is the only movie of Dreamworks Animation (the studio that usually releases 2-3 movies per year) for this year. So if you’re a DWA fan, watch this movie!!

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